Discipline Policy

1Every student must carry his/her diary to school every day.
2Students should come to school ten minutes before the scheduled time.
3To morning bell, before the class begins or the assembly starts, is a signal for all to attend the assembly or go to the respective classroom. This should be done promptly and in silence.
4 Changing or classrooms between periods, if necessary should be done in an orderly manner and silently.
5After the assembly, student’s shou8ld go to their classroom. Get their books ready in silence, and prepare for the beginning of class. When teachers enter the classroom students are to greet them in the customary way and given them proper attention and respect. 5 minutes is given to mediation each day after the assembly.
6Students should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed. The school uniform should be worn on all working days and for all school functions students who are slovenly dressed or not in proper uniform will be sent home.
7Care must be taken for all school property. No student should damage any school furniture. Do not draw anythi9ng on the walls. Damage done should be reported at once to the class teacher. A fine will be levied.
8No books (other than text books or library books), magazines or papers should be brought to the school.
9Students are expected to take good care of their books and personal belongings Valuable articles must not be brought to school, the school is not responsible for lost or stolen goods.
10Lending or borrowing of money or other articles is strictly prohibited.
11Students who come to school with their escort should never leave the school premises before the escort arrives. In case of delays they should report to the school office.
12Parents and guardians of all should meet the teachers on the PTA days to note the progress of their ward.
13Parents and guardians must not visit their wards or teachers during class hours without prior permission of the Principal or on the fixed days.
14No students should be sent to school if suffering from contagious or infectious disease.
15No student will be allowed to go home without the written permission of the principal (OUTPASS) unless the parents or an authorized person comes to take the child.
16Conduct that is injurious to the moral tone of The School or the rights of others and not in accordance with the required discipline is liable to incur suspension or dismissal.
1775% of attendance is compulsory for every student.


The mission of the institution is to offer holistic education to the wards of the Army personnel , thus enabling them to grow into confident and competent individuals with integrity and ethics to evolve as a great contributor to the nation either as an individual or as team member and/or as a future leader.