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1Children of serving Army personnel (incl. DSC), Children of Army Widows and childfen of those TA personnel who have completed min 05 years embodied service.
2Children of ESM/invalided out on medical grounds with pension, DSC personnel retired with pension from DSC.
3Children of serving Air Force and Naval personnel and Coast Guard Personnel.
4Children of retired Air Force and Naval Personnel and Coast Guard Personnel.
5Children of Ex-Army Personnel who left Army with, less than 10 years of service and not categorized as ESM.
6Children of civilians paid out of Defence Estimates, Central Armed Police Force (CAPF), MES, GREF, TA(when not embodied).
7Grand Children of serving/retired Army Personnel.
8Other Children(CIV)
For Admission to ClassThe students should complete the mentioned year of Minimum age on 31 Mar of the year in which admission is sought
I6 Years
II6 Years
III7 Years
IV8 Years
V9 Years
VI10 Years
VII11 Years
VIII12 Years
IX13 Years
X14 Years
XI15 Years
XII16 Years
  1. Admission will be subject to AWES priority list of admission and vacancy in the school.

  2. Submission of application does not guarantee admission in a class.

  3. Please visit school website www.apsdanapur.com and www.apsdigicamp.com for all admission related information.